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As a proud member of the Internationals Network, we are committed to transforming education for immigrant and refugee multilingual learners, including asylees and newcomer students. Through our partnership with Internationals Network, we have established new programs, received invaluable coaching for our leaders, teachers, and school staff, and gained access to a robust support network. Internationals Network plays a vital role in addressing the unique educational needs of immigrant and refugee students, with a strong focus on serving asylees and newcomer students like us.

With over 30 schools and academies located across the US, the Internationals Network serves over 9,500 students like us. These programs, including ours, are founded on the Internationals Approach—a framework developed and refined over 35 years, encompassing 5 Core Principles. This approach covers every aspect of our school, from its structure and pedagogy to its culture and governance, ensuring effective support for immigrant and refugee Multilingual Learner (MLL) youth like us.

Internationals Network has been instrumental in connecting and empowering over 900 educators within our network of schools and academies. Through coaching, workshops, and communities of practice, they offer over 5,000 hours of professional development annually. This investment in our teachers, leaders, and wellness staff profoundly impacts our ability to provide quality education to immigrant and refugee multilingual learner youth. Thanks to Internationals Network’s comprehensive approach, students in our network achieve significantly higher outcomes compared to their peers outside the network.


Find out more about Internationals Network by visiting their website:

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