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Kevin Hesseltine, Principal


Our Mission:

The mission of The Flushing International High School, founded in 2004, is to serve recent immigrants to the United States who are new learners of English.  Our goal is to help each student learn to read, write and communicate clearly in English while maintaining their native language.  Our students will learn to use their minds well to think about real-world issues.  They will use what they learn to become successful in school as well as in the workplace, and they will learn to speak up for themselves and for their community.


What We Believe:

  • New learners of English need to understand, speak, read, and write English proficiently so that they can become active members of this English speaking society.

  • Students learn best working together in diverse groups of students.

  • School members’ native languages, cultures, and families are a resource for the student, the school, and society.

  • High expectations will help our students and teachers to achieve.

  • Each student has different needs and talents and achieves at different rates.  Therefore, we must give our students many different opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do.

  • Language learning is enhanced by experiences both in and out of the school building.

  • Family involvement is an important part of a child’s education.



Student Population & Admissions Requirements:

The students of The Flushing International High School are all recent immigrants who are new to the United States and new learners of English.  When students begin at our school, they score at Entering, Emerging or Transitioning on the NYSESLAT exam and have been in the United States less than four years.  FIHS students come from almost 40 different countries and speak over 20 different languages. The 2 most prominent language groups in the school are Spanish and Mandarin.  FIHS has approximately 440 students in grades 9 – 12.

Admissions: You can learn more about our admissions requirements by clicking here.

Our Classes:

  • Students attend classes in the humanities, math, science, art, and physical education. 

  • All classes are designed to help our students learn to read, write, and speak English fluently, while preparing them for graduation requirements, college, and the world of work.  

  • Classes are small and students work in groups in order to learn from and help others.

  • Teachers use projects, technology and interdisciplinary curriculum in order to better support our students’ language development.


Key Features:

  • Small classes

  • Teams of teachers working together to teach and support students.

  • A safe, supportive environment where adults know students well

  • Advisors who are responsible for a small group of students

  • A rigorous curriculum that supports language development in all classes while preparing students Graduation Performance Tasks and the ELA and Math Regents exams

  • Mastery-based assessments of student learning

  • Meaningful participation of faculty, students, caregivers, and community members in the life of the school

  • Internships in 11th grade for academic credit

  • Technology integrated across the curriculum

  • After-school clubs and activities


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