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Physical Educational Teacher

As an educator, I aim to provide each student with a wide variety of physical activities and challenges that will contribute to the development of each learner's physical, cognitive, and affective well-being.  The goal is create a positive , active, and supportive atmosphere where all students can grow.  Students learn to take control of their fitness levels and become informed consumers.  The goal is to maintain healthy habits for a lifetime!

Architecture & Visual Arts Teacher

My name is Mr. Harewood. I am a New York native with a passion for art, design, and everything creative. Since the age of five I have had a passion for drawing and pursued a Bachelor’s in Architecture to cultivate my love for design. After graduating I enter season of Campus Missions which confirmed my pursuit of a Master’s in Art Education. I have been teaching art for over a decade and teaching high school art with the Department of Education for the past eight years. My past season was spent working in the Bronx community helping students to develop their foundational art skills, while my advance art classes captured my passion for design. I have worked in multiple mediums, both flat and three-dimensional, miniature and mural sized. This work granted students the opportunity to tell their stories and create the world they want to see. I am honored to begin a journey with FIHS’s diverse community and inspire the young minds that will paint an epic narrative of positive change. 

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Dance Teacher

My name is Deanna Lynn Martinez and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My family is from Puerto Rico and Central and Eastern Europe. I love learning about my own cultures as well as those of the people I am lucky enough to meet. My passions outside of dance include food, travel, sports, writing, fashion, and music. My greatest passion, though, is teaching and learning. I studied dance at LaGuardia High School, dance and Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies at Macaulay Honors at Hunter College, and earned my Master of Arts degree in Dance Education from New York University. Teaching at Flushing International High School is a dream job and I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to create its very first dance program.

Physical Educational Teacher

My name is Isabel Polanco and I am a physical education teacher at Flushing International High School.  I graduated from Queens College with a Master degree in Physical Education K-12. I enjoy guiding students to become physically active, acquire knowledge, and skills they can used to establish and maintain physical fitness for the rest of their lives. Beside teaching Physical Education, I also work as an Athletic Director and Coach.   I practice what I preach!  During my spare time,  I workout and play sports.  If i want my students to be physically active,  i have to exhibit a healthy lifestyles as well because learning is a never ending road and a two-way street.   I am thankful for having the opportunity of guiding student in the process of becoming physically educated adult.

Art Teacher

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