The Instructional Teams

Estefania Herreira :: Jill Leedy :: Min Park :: Roxie Salamon :: Tony Tsai

Established in the year of the rooster, Team Bridges was re-born as the 12th grade team. Re-energized by three new members of the Flushing International Community, Team Bridges brings creativity, passion and a love for teaching and learning. We help students build bridges from high school to college and beyond. Through hands-on, collaborative, meaningful projects Team Bridges challenges our students to prepare them for the world outside of Flushing International.

Amie Kim :: Mingma Lama :: Rosmery Milczewski :: Virginia Benayoun

We believe in building connections with our students, among our students, and with our community.
We connect the knowledge learned with our lives.
We connect our past with our future. 
We are connected.

We are Connections.

Endeavor Engage Excel - E3

Athea Garraway :: Andrew Maikels :: Chris Collins :: Eloi Villanueva :: Marlyn Claro

We love to ENGAGE ourselves in fun and challenging projects.

We will always ENDEAVOR all the challenges and obstacles through collaboration, respect, care, and creativity.

Best of  all we EXCEL to be leaders in the community we live in!

We are team E3, we ENGAGE, ENDEAVOR, and EXCEL!

Adam Forman :: Isabel Polanco :: Jordan Wolf :: Natalie Solomon :: Tim McCarthy

"On the team Evolution/Revolution we empower students to deal with changes that happen suddenly and slowly throughout our lives and the world.  E/R celebrates the diverse experiences and languages of our students through our collaboration, teamwork, and projects."


Katie Strauss :: Kevin Marquez :: Maria Carver :: Michele DeBono :: Pops Singson

The Internship Institute


Internship provides students with the opportunity to explore a particular career interest, develop important workplace competencies, apply new skills they have learned, develop their English skills (and in some cases their native language skills). Students participate in a professional work environment and grow in confidence and maturity. 

Visual Arts
Elizabeth Sturges Llerena :: Jillian Leedy :: Rebecca Whitehill
Students explore various visual art media and disciplines including drawing, painting, collage, assemblage, printmaking, photography, video, animation, and arts-related computer software. Through the arts, students are empowered through self-expression, social justice, and community engagement to build connections between the world and themselves.
Dramatic Arts


Students focus on collaboration and building an ensemble to develop and perform scenes and plays. They explore different theater concepts, such as set and costume design while learning basic directing skills to enhance performance. Many students participate in a professional and annual school wide production at the Historic Flushing Town Hall.  

Lily Welsh
Chris Collins :: Isabel Polanco
Students have the opportunity to participate in various sports both as electives and in organized teams.