Adam Forman

My name is Adam Forman and I am a 9th and 10th grade mathematics teacher on the team Evolution/Revolution here at FIHS!  I am from the Pacific Northwest, growing up in Seattle, Washington and attending college in Portland, Oregon.  I moved to New York City to begin my teaching career in 2010 and have since then made this city my new home.  I strongly believe in the importance and necessity of quality education through strong character development and community building as well as through academic growth. Our school community truly feels like a family and I look forward to what the future holds for us all!  

Angela Papageorgiou

My name is Ms. Angela.  I grew up in Long Island, New York to two immigrant parents from Cyprus. In addition to English, I like to speak Greek and Spanish.  I received my undergraduate degree from SUNY Binghamton in Spanish and History.  I have a Masters of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), grades K-12, from Teacher’s College of Columbia University.   Some of my hobbies include enjoying music, cooking, and staying active.  I also enjoy reading and sharing books, theater, movies, and thoughts with others.  


I have a passion for teaching.  I aim to help my students find their talents and achieve their goals through real-world connections that we build together in our classroom.  I believe collaborative education can positively impact our community.  Teachers, staff, parents, and students are all valuable parts of the learning process.   My class will always be kind and inviting to all.


Althea Marcelle

I am an ESL/Humanities teacher in the Junior Institute. I originate from Guyana, that is physically located in South America, but holds a history that is intertwined with the Caribbean and West Indian islands, making it the only country in that continent with English as its first official language. In Guyana, my career experiences included teaching modern languages at the high school and tertiary levels, and working in tertiary and corporate level professional development before immigrating to the United States. I joined the NYC teaching system through the I-Start Apprentice program in 2012, and started teaching at FIHS in 2014. My teaching philosophy is that  it takes persistent effort and a diverse community of stakeholders to participate and succeed in one's educational development. I believe that each day with my students is a journey towards goals (theirs and mine), where the objective is not to be swift or competitive, but to grow, change, and persist to the end. I enjoy being outdoors in nature and traveling, being creative through art, organization and music, learning and growing with people from different cultures... 

Andrew is a Social Studies/ESL teacher. 

Andrew Maikels

Chris Collins

As an educator, I aim to provide each student with a wide variety of physical activities and challenges that will contribute to the development of each learners physical, cognitive , and affective well being.  The goal is create a positive , active, and supportive atmosphere where all students can grow.  Students learn to take control of their fitness levels and become informed consumers.  The goal is to maintain healthy habits for a lifetime!

Elizabeth teaches Visual Arts

Elizabeth Sturges Llerena


Ms. Eloi is a mathematics teacher.

Eloi Villanueva
Erin Dowding

My name is Erin Dowding and I am the College & Career Advisor at FIHS. I am originally from Michigan and have taught English in Japan, photography in Maine, and creative writing and literacy in Michigan and in New York. I have been working at FIHS since 2004 and believe in the power and diverse perspectives that immigrant students bring to the classroom. I am passionate about helping students find a path to their future and understanding the many opportunities they have available to them. Everyone is unique and I want to help each student realize their strengths and that success is something they can achieve.

Estefania is a Mathematics teacher.

Estefania Hereira

Isabel Polanco

My name is Isabel Polanco and I am a physical education teacher at Flushing International High School.  I graduated from Queens College with a Master degree in Physical Education K-12. I enjoy guiding students to become physically active, acquire knowledge, and skills they can used to establish and maintain physical fitness for the rest of their lives. Beside teaching Physical Education, I also work as an Athletic Director and Coach.   I practice what I preach!  During my spare time,  I workout and play sports.  If i want my students to be physically active,  i have to exhibit a healthy lifestyles as well because learning is a never ending road and a two-way street.   I am thankful for having the opportunity of guiding student in the process of becoming physically educated adult.

Jill is the Media Arts teacher. 

Jillian Leedy

Jordan Wolf

My name is Jordan Wolf and I am the Biology teacher on the 9th and 10th grade team Evolution/Revolution.  I have been a teacher in New York City since 2005 and at Flushing International High School since 2006.  I have masters degrees in Environmental Biology and Education, and have studied birds, reptiles, and insects in places such as Upstate New York, Long Island's barrier islands, Costa Rica, and Peru.  Since 2013, I've had a Master Teacher Fellowship from Math for America and I am a Fund For Teachers and Academy for Teachers Fellow. 


Juliana Ruiz

Hi! My name is Juliana Ruiz and I am one of the bilingual school counselors. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications from Baruch College and my Master of Science in Counseling and Personnel Services from Fordham University. I was born and raised in New York City. My parents emigrated from Colombia in the 1980s as teenagers. I am happy to be able to work with immigrant youth in supporting their social emotional learning and post high school plans as they journey through high school. What I love about my job is that every day is a new experience! Aside from advocating for our youth, I enjoy listening to all different kinds of music, salsa dancing, hiking and cooking! 

Katie teaches English and ESL. She works with the students receiving supplemental services.

Katie Strauss


Kevin is the school principal I.A.

Kevin Hesseltine

Kevin teaches English and ESL.

Kevin Marquez

Lily Welsh

I was born in Budapest, Hungary and grew up in Manhattan. I attended  the famed High School of the Performing Arts, SUNY Purchase for college and New York University for my Masters in Educational Theatre. I don’t  remember a time when I  didn’t love the Theatre and I’m so pleased to share my appreciation of the art form with my students. Before becoming a teacher, I enjoyed being an actress and a casting director for film, theatre, and commercials; although  my greatest role is teaching the students of the Flushing International High School. I am grateful for the opportunity to watch them collaborate, explore new ideas while gaining confidence in themselves.

你好! My name is Lu Zeng, and I am one of the bilingual school counselor. I was born and raised in Shenzhen, China. I am fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. I came to United States 8 years ago for receiving my Bachelor and Master degree . Having experiences as an international student help me understand and better support our students to overcome their challenges. I enjoy working with students and families with different cultural backgrounds. 欢迎你的加入! 

Lu Zeng

Ms. Carver is a Science teacher.

Maria Carver

Marlyn is a Science teacher.

Marlyn Claro

Michele is a Social Studies teacher.

Michele DeBono


Min Hye Park

I'm Minhye Park and I teach science at FIHS.  I earned my B.S in Biology from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue and an M.S Ed in Secondary Science Education from Hofstra University.  

I believe students learn science by doing science, and that my class is where my students will learn life skills that are critical for their success in college and future careers.  As our students must be prepared to work collaboratively in a global and technological society, I emphasize critical thinking and problem solving, using our science content to develop good evidence-based reasoning and communication skills.

I enjoy cooking, reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family.

Mingma Lama

My name is Mingma. I was born and raised in Nepal and came to the United States when I was 18. I teach 9th and 10th grade Biology/Health. I strongly believe in collaboration among teachers, students and the school community.

I received my undergraduate degree in Biology from York College (CUNY) and completed my Masters in TESOL from Queens College. (CUNY)

I am constantly trying to make Biology an accessible subject for my students. I am continuously self-reflecting in the quest to making learning fun for my students.  

Natalie is an English and ESL teacher.

Natalie Solomon

Pops teaches Mathematics, She also works with students on a variety of extracurricular activities including the Open Doors Scholars {a program that pairs 24 selected New York City schools with a distinguished theater and dance professional} and the Explorers Club.  

Pops Singson

Rebecca Whitehill

My name is Rebecca Branwyn Whitehill and I teach Visual Arts on team Met and team Bridges. I am also the school Internship Coordinator and I love both jobs. I was born and raised by two artists in Sea Cliff NY, a beautiful artistic village on Long Island. I really enjoy working with teenagers and people from all over the world and when I found FIHS in 2007 I knew it was a great fit. I enjoy teaching students how to express themselves visually and tell stories through art. I also adore internship and relish watching my students venture out into the professional world because they grow so much and make themselves (and me) proud.


Rosmery Milczewski

Rosmery Milczewski was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and arrived in the United States in 2000. As a recently arrived English Language Learner, Rosmery began attending The International High School at LaGuardia Community College— the first school in the Internationals Network for Public Schools serving the needs of recent Immigrants.

Prior to becoming an Assistant Principal, Rosmery taught mathematics for nine years at our school. Through her roles at FIHS, Rosmery is reminded of the importance of community as she learns from the experiences and cultures of the students FIHS serves.  She also hopes to provide students the support she was given when she first arrived to the United States.

Aside from being a proud educator, Rosmery is a proud wife, and mother of a wonderful little girl. She also loves hiking, painting and dancing as her pastimes.

Roxie Salamon-Abrams

My name is Roxie Salamon-Abrams. I was born and raised in New York City. This is my first year working as a 12th grade English teacher at Flushing International High School. Previously I worked as an 11th and 12th grade English teacher at Bronx International, another International school that works with newly arrived immigrant youth in the Bronx. I love to travel, cook, read, and spend time with my family and friends. I love teaching because it allows me to constantly grow and learn together with my students.

Ruby Chang

My name is Ruby Chang. I was born in Manhattan, NY, but raised in Korea. I came back to the States when I was 17. I graduated from FIHS and went to Stony Brook University to obtain my B.S. in math Education. I now go to Queens College to receive my M.S. in pure mathematics. I am also a member of Golden Key International Honor Society. Before I joined back FIHS as an educator, I taught 8th grade math in the Bronx. This year, I teach 9th and 10th grade math on E/R team. I love teaching at FIHS because I can share my immigration story to support my students both academically and emotionally. During my leisure time, I like to play the piano, cook, and play with my lovely two puppies. 


Ruby Lin

My name is Ruby Lin and I am the Math teacher on the 9th and 10th grade E3 team(Endeavor, Engage, Excel). I was born and raised in Taiwan and came to the United States in 2007.  I received my Bachelor in Business Administration degree from University of Connecticut and Maters in Math Education degree from Relay Graduate School of Education. Prior joined FIHS, I was a Teach For America 2012 corp member and served in different boroughs in New York City.  At FIHS, I hope to use music to connect with students, I am a Music Club co-advisor, we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:30pm - 4:30pm, please come join us! 

I am Tania Romero, the bilingual School Social Worker at FIHS. I love working with recent immigrant youth. They are vibrant, inquisitive, and come with so many strengths that teach us many lessons. My work at FIHS is to support young people socio-emotionally. More specifically, I support to create safe youth empowerment spaces for students to heal, grow, thrive, step into their leadership, and be the full expression of who they are.

Tania Romero

Timothy McCarthy

My name is Tim McCarthy and I am the Global History teacher on the 9th/10th grade team Evolution Revolution (E/R). I have had the extreme honor and
fortune of teaching at Flushing International High School for 7 years. I am married to a beautiful and amazing woman and we have 2 beautiful boys- one 5 years old and an 11 month old baby. As a family we enjoy spending time together on the weekend going out to new restaurants, museums, or see movies. When I am not teaching I love learning languages.  I have been an avid linguaphile ever since I was in high school. In addition to English, I am most proficient in Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Russian, but I am also studying Italian, Swedish, and Esperanto. My other hobbies include playing classical piano, watching movies, and if I have time I try to continue my  Taekwondo training. Prior to teaching, I was a Bilingual Membership Representative for the Nielsen TV Ratings. I love teaching history because history is about stories of people from the past and for me you cannot get more fascinating than that!

U.S. History & Humanities Teacher


I love teaching at Flushing International High School. It is such a wonderful place for both students and teachers to learn and grow. It is my hope that our students graduate from our school and be creative thinkers, motivated action-takers and generous leaders of the community.

Tony Tsai

Virginia is an English/ESL teacher.

Virginia Benayoun